Why You Want It

In a nutshell, what you get with our social media business plan is a methodology, a strategy, a set of practical recommendations, and steps to follow to engage in social media. That includes written business objectives, SWOT*, strategy, tactics, and specific recommendations for:

Tasks Accomplished

  • Where to focus:¬†Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest. Rebelmouse consolidates for everybody. The plan will tell you where and how to concentrate efforts, and how to cover your online backside where you can’t spend as much time.
  • How, where, and what content: blogs, updates, tweets, pictures … curated content, your own content … what content goes where.
  • How, where, what to defend:¬†How to set alerts and alarms for critics and enemies. How to respond to attacks. How to avoid attacks. When to call in the cavalry.
  • What to measure: Recommended analytics. Likes, tweets, retweets, pluses, connections, followers, subscribers, page views, web visits. Branding. Engagement. What applies where. And of course, the most important: Return on investment (ROI). And almost as important: accountability.
  • Realistic expectations: Reasonable projections and forecasts. Set expectations and define performance metrics. Accountability begins with well-defined, measurable, and trackable commitments.
  • Tracking and Management Tools: Like former president and military leader Dwight Eisenhower said: it’s the planning, not the plan, that’s essential. We’ll give you a plan you can live with, manage, and drive. And that will give you ROI and accountability.

Ready to put ROI and accountability into business social media? Good.

* SWOT. That’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.