What It Is

What’s a social media business plan?

What we give you for $995 is: Social Media Business Plan

  1. Specific recommendations. Concrete steps. One-time tasks. Ongoing tasks. Details included: what, how, who, time, resources.
  2. Real business ROI. Calculations based on your business model, your lifetime value of a customer, specific social media benefits like new customers and better customer retention.
  3. Expert assessment. Our own eyes, our own perspective, not automated. We evaluate your online social media presence as it is now. Strengths and weaknesses. Opportunities and threats. Potential gains.
  4. Accountability. Measurement. Numbers to track and follow up with management and accountability for results.
  5. Fundamental business context: Cool or not, new shiny thing, trend, or not, it’s business. It’s a brave new world. The social media business plan puts it into real business fundamentals. Set objectives. Track and measure. Manage.

That for $995? Yes. From people who know what they’re doing. Can you afford not to?

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